Pink Trumpet Vine

Podranea ricasoliana


This plant may be evergreen when we have a mild winter. It’s listed for zone 9. We are in zone 8, so this plant is normally root-hardy for us. Most winters, it does die back to the ground but returns in spring.

If it doesn’t die back, you still want to prune it very hard in late February or March. If you don’t prune it back hard every year, it will be more leggy and less lush and will probably have fewer flowers.

Pink trumpet vine is native to South Africa. It’s very vigorous like its cousin, the orange trumpet vine (Campsis radicans). It usually gets 15 to 20 feet tall depending on the surface where you have it growing. It also gets just as wide, if not wider, over time. It does tend to take over. So be very careful where you put this plant.

It will tolerate virtually any soil type and it does require regular watering through the heat season. But don’t over water it. It will tolerate light shade and also full sun, so it’s a very versatile plant. It has glossy foliage which is very important because this plant doesn’t flower until the late summer or early fall. Flowers can be 2 inches across and they are very beautiful.