‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia

‘Soft Caress’ Mahonia is a lovely little evergreen shrub. Although it appears tropical, ‘Soft Caress’ is listed as hardy to zone 7, and should have no trouble at all with even the harshest Central Texas winter.

This delicate-looking plant has attractive, wispy foliage, and will form bright yellow flowers from fall through spring, when temperatures are cool.

According to the label, Soft Caress may be planted in “part-sun to shade,” which is complicated to interpret!  So:  morning sun would be great, but direct light in the afternoon should be avoided. ‘Soft Caress’ will do just fine in full shade (in other words, no direct light at all), as long as there’s a fair amount of light filtering through the canopy above.

‘Soft Caress’ stays relatively small, getting only 3 feet tall and about as wide at maturity, and doesn’t need as much water as you might think.

Water well until established, then cut back irrigation, except during the hottest, driest times.