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Succulents & Ceramics

I wasn’t the only one to cheer last Sunday’s impatiently awaited gentle drench in my garden. Oxblood lilies quickly responded to nature’s wakeup call. Plants were just about fed up with this summer, including a containerized whale’s tongue agave that Eric Norris brought along when he moved. In a few weeks, it went from fine | read more →

Let’s Get Growing Again: CTG Fall Premiere!

Three years to the day I carted home a silvery Mangave ‘Bloodspot’ for a patio container, it shot up a bloom spike that topped out at 64”. What a feat! I tucked it into the patio so that it gets early sun, but misses fiery, leaf-scalding light and rain bombs. This week, intricate trumpets unfurled | read more →

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Desert to Tropics Succulents

air date: September 15, 2018

Like any plant, succulents come in all sizes and growing conditions. Jay Arredondo from Deserts to Tropics nursery taps succulents big and small to grow outside or in low light freeze-protected containers.On tour, graphics designer James Barela turns a lump of clay into distinctive containers. Find out how plants prompted his ceramics venture, Baetanical. Daphne answers: why does a whale’s tongue agave look miserable after a move? And, meet two plants that are considered beneficial despite their benefits.CTG’s camera operator and Strange Town producer, Mark Morrow, shows how he removed front yard lawn to make a flagstone patio.

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September To Do List

This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.