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Changing Goals

air date: November 5, 2022

Gardens aren’t static, and neither are we. Laura and Eric Wills have watched many seasonal transitions since 2011 when they bought two acres in Oak Hill where oak tree shade and deer factored into her designs. Priorities changed, too, as their daughter grew up and focus shifted away from homesteading projects balanced with technology careers. Meredith Thomas responded to an autoimmune disorder with holistic wellness in a small yard in central Austin. Along with growing and harvesting fresh food and herbs—including a front yard food forest—she built a fermenting house where she also creates healthful tinctures, bitters, and even house cleansers. Since winter brings changes, too, Heather Kendall from The Natural Gardener shows how to protect citrus plants in winter. Learn how to prep bluebonnet seeds and the trick for planting lettuce seeds with garden designer Leah Churner and garden consultant Colleen Dieter, co-founder of the Central Texas Seed Savers.