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Gardens for Well-Being All Year

air date: November 18, 2023

Embrace winter’s dormancy to support treasured wildlife, renew summer-depleted soil, and appreciate our garden’s architectural gifts. Kristin and Ryan Harvey created their dream garden from lifeless soil and Shaman Jesus Garcia of The Herbal Action Project cultivates spiritual and physical healing outdoors. Learn how snow and ice insulate our plants. Indoors, go for bold, beautiful foliage.


Episode Segments

On Tour

Remaking a Yard into Flowers, Food, Joy

Kristin and Ryan Harvey’s backyard was overrun with bamboo and the soil was lifeless. They asked, “What do we want in our dream garden?” Through permaculture, they restored the bond between soil, plants, and wildlife. Now, every morning is filled with flowers, fragrance, food they harvest, and teas from fruit and leaves. Always, they start and end the work day with discoveries and solace.

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Embrace Winter’s Gifts: Shaman Jesus Garcia

Winter’s on the way and for lots of gardeners, that means chopping everything back the minute plants turn brown. Today, let’s put a spin on that idea. Instead, let’s cultivate winter joy and wildlife habitat with Shaman Jesus Garcia of The Herbal Action Project.

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Question of the Week

Do Ice and Snow Insulate our Plants?

Yes, they really do! Snow and ice on top of the soil, and water in the soil, help to insulate the root zone, Daphne Richards explains. It’s good to water plants ahead of a freeze because of water’s ability to moderate temperatures. Well-watered soil will stay warmer than dry soil in winter, providing a cozy environment for roots to stay protected when the air above is frosty. Mulch also really helps with soil temperature moderation, so irrigating beds, then mulching, is a great way to protect plants from winter cold.

You may have heard the term “root hardy,” which refers to a plant’s ability to survive freezing temperatures by dying back to the ground in winter and emerging with new growth from the roots, once spring and warmer weather arrive.

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Backyard Basics

Stunning Houseplants for Foliage and Flowers

Looking for houseplants as orchid companions? Go for bold foliage and bonus flowers with hoyas, anthuriums and bromeliads to dazzle indoors or shady bright light patios in summer. Power up foliar dimension with staghorn ferns, mounted on wood or in hanging baskets. Melissa Hagen-Wilson from Tillery Street Plant Company explains soil, water, and fertilizer needs.

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