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Hillside Garden, Texas Tough Plants, Start Milkweed Seeds

air date: November 11, 2023

Dramatic weather’s here to stay, so let’s work with it! On an eroding slope framed by live oaks, Lori Najvar and Glen Chapell worked with designer Leah Churner to control runoff and plant shade-tolerant plants in clay soil. Fall’s primetime for planting, so Kirk Alston from The Natural Gardener picks resilient perennial options for sun, shade, and pollinators. Learn how to stratify and scarify milkweed seeds with Sonia Koschoreck from The Monarch Sanctuary Project. And, what does “winter” mean? Daphne explains the difference between meteorological and astronomical winter.



Episode Segments

On Tour

Dry Creek Hillside Design: Clay Soil and Shade

Filmmaker Lori Najvar and architect Glen Chappell loved the view on their hilltop creekside property. Glen designed the home to tuck in gently against a rocky cliff overlooked by live oak trees. To tackle rainwater runoff and erosion, garden designer Leah Churner built a dry creek bed, installed cedar log erosion curbs, and chose shade-tolerant, wildlife habitat plants that work in clay soil.

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Question of the Week

Frost, Freeze, “Winter” & Zones: What Do They Mean?

What’s the difference between astronomical and meteorological winter? And what’s the difference between frost, freeze, and hard freeze? Daphne Richards breaks it down, including how plant cold hardiness is rated. Plus, learn why container plants are more susceptible to frost. 

And, Daphne answers Jo Ann Printy’s great question: “Can she plant herbs in an old metal-lined raised bed?” YES!

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