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Troubles to Terrific Design and Succulents

air date: April 27, 2024

Get design ideas for garden beds and patio containers. On tour, Jennie Ostertag broke a few shovels turning her blank yard into magical moments for family, friends, and wildlife. Jay Arredondo from Desert to Tropics puts us on the right track to success with succulents. Daphne explores how to water container plants. Melissa Hagen-Wilson combines spring-to-summer flowers and herbs for containers and garden beds.


Episode Segments

On Tour

Garden Makeover Grows New Friends and Career

Jennie Ostertag broke a few shovels turning her blank yard into magical moments for family, friends, and wildlife. But as she struck rock, sheet mulched grass, and upcycled materials on a budget, she met a community of equally-challenged gardeners happy to share plants and advice. When working the soil became solace after a stressful work day, Jennie changed her life’s path, too.

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Succulent Success: Jay Arredondo

We run into a lot of people who think that succulents are the easiest plants to grow. Well, sure, they can be, but like anything else, you’ve got to treat them right! Jay Arredondo from Desert to Tropics puts on the right track to spectacular containers. 

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Question of the Week

How Often Water Container Plants? 

Watering container plants is definitely a trial-and-error process as you learn the water needs for your particular plant in your unique situation.

First, what kind of plant do you have, and is it in shade or sun? Just as in the landscape, plants in containers have different water requirements, so first do a little research as to whether your plant is generally categorized as low, medium, or high water-use. 

Next, what type of container is it in? Unglazed terra cotta planters are extremely porous, and will need more water than glazed ceramic pots, plastic containers, or other materials. Also important is the maturity of the plant. Was it recently planted, and is it in the proper size container? 

A good rule of thumb is to only plant up by one size container as your plant grows and you transplant it. Too much soil surrounding the rootzone can set up a situation where the water stays too wet around the perimeter of the container, leading to potential disease and other issues. 

Next, is your container in full sun? What season of the year is it? In full sun in the middle of summer, many container plants might require water every day or even TWICE per day. And any wind at all will dry out your plants even faster. If the container is small enough to lift, I like to pick it up and gauge how dry the potting soil is by the weight of the pot.

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Backyard Basics

Mix & Match Flowers and Herbs

Melissa Hagen-Wilson pulls together fun, colorful, fragrant flowers and tasty herbs for containers or garden beds. Companion late spring flowers with 4-inch pots of heat-loving mints and basils that will fill the space when summer gears up and flowers fade. 

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