African Violets

African Violet Photo by: Penny Smith-Kerker

African violets are a good winter plant to continue gardening indoors on those cold days. There are so many varieties, from full-sized to dwarf types. Some have variegated leaves and there are many flower colors and styles. For success with African violets you want to make sure they have even moisture. I like to use the pots that have a wick that pull moisture up from a reservoir below because that keeps you from over watering them. If you keep the soil soggy wet, they will rot. They like a bright, indirect light. So, don’t allow the sun to shine directly in the window for very long onto to your plants. It’s better to have an indirect lighting exposure. They’ll even do quite well under a growlight if you like to grow them that way. Feed them gradually. Mix up a soluble plant food at a low concentration so that they’re constantly fed each time they draw a little bit of moisture up from the wick.