Carrion Plant

Stapelia gigantea

Thanks to gardeners Mimi Cavender and Joel Venable in Wimberley for recommending distinctive Stapelia gigantea, commonly known as carrion plant. And thanks for the great photographs which include their gorgeous stone wall.

For them in the Hill Country, Stapelia gigantea is a wonder plant, since its stunning foliage and flowers are DEER-PROOF, and those gorgeous flowers catch pesky flies quite naturally.

They got started with divisions, since this succulent is easily propagated by rooting in water, soil, or natural layering.

They tell us, “Potted in full sun to dappled shade atop ledges or on patio walls, it pushes up dense crowds of rich green fleshy spires and tumbles down in unstoppable cascades. It blooms all summer.” And this year, it bloomed again in fall!

Now and then, they fertilize with fish emulsion and provide moderate water. Now that the foliage is so heavy, they cocoon their containers in old quilts when temps hit the low 20’s. The plants droop a bit, but bounce right back!