Cold Hardy Succulent Hanging Basket: John Dromgoole

On patios, balconies and porches, we love to style up with succulent containers. Rather than haul everything into warmth, John has a few ideas for cold-hardy succulents in hanging baskets.
Cold hardy succulent hanging basket John Dromgoole Central Texas Gardener
John’s also got a tip for growing in coconut coir fiber containers: line with a cut-down black plastic garbage bag punched with holes for drainage.
coconut coir fiber liner Central Texas Gardener
You also want to use a light-weight cactus soil mix. Top with expanded shale or small gravel to pretty it up and prevent soil splash.
Cactus potting mix Central Texas Gardener

Some of these plants are hardy to 14-15° but others can only take it down to 25°. Check labels and protect them on cold nights if necessary.

Peacock echeveria
Graptoveria ‘Debbie’
Echeveria agavoides
Lace aloe
Golden Barrel cactus
Tiger tooth aloe
Sedum mexicana

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