Cyclamens are a great cool season plant that we can use indoors or out. If you have an indoor cyclamen move it outside during the day as much as you can to get a lot of light. That will keep it from stretching and starting to fall apart as it gets floppy on you. By moving it outside and then bringing it back in, it stays nice and tight and looks good for a long time. It likes those outside cooler temperatures, too. If you want to plant one in the garden choose a spot that’s bright and shady. Underneath a live oak tree, for example, is a good place for a cyclamen. It will do quite well in a spot that’s bright but not in direct sunlight.

Keep it moist but make sure it has good drainage, because it can’t handle soggy conditions. Cyclamen is safe down to the mid-20’s, but if it drops below freezing then you may get a little bit of bloom damage.