Fern List

Autumn Fern
  • Autumn fern: likes shade, needs moderate water; drought tolerant once established, evergreen in Austin, may lose leaves north of Waco
  • Sun-tough fern: (Astrolepsis sinuate) evergreen (hard to find: check out
  • Lindheimer shield fern: Deciduous. Sun tolerant if given water, grows on rocky slopes, loves caliche, can take water. Deer resistant.
  • Clover fern (Marsilea macropoda): Evergreen. Can live in moisture or dry. Hot sun. Shade, but not deep shade. Wants some light.
  • Woodwartia orientalis (mother fern): Non-native evergreen. Shade. Medium water, but drought tolerant once established.

Recommended Books

  • A Field Manual of the Ferns & Fern-Allies of the U.S. and Canada by David Lellinger
  • Ferns and Fern Allies of the Trans-Pecos and Adjacent Areas by Sharon Yarborough and A. Michael Powell
  • A Natural History of Ferns by Robbin C. Moran