Globe Amaranth

Warm weather annual

Globe amaranth is a super easy warm weather annual to grow from seeds or transplants.

If you sow from seed, keep the soil evenly moist (watering lightly every day) until they’re up and growing. If you get a late start or can’t nurture seeds until germination, go for thrifty six-packs or
4” transplants.

Blooming until frost, there are many colors and heights, so pick what pleases your color scheme and space. You can even grow them in containers.

Globe amaranth loves the bright sun and thrive thrives in heat. Soil with good drainage is best, but globe amaranth will tolerate clay soil if you don’t overwater.

They really stand out when planted in masses (which also grab butterfly attention) but avoid overcrowding. Check the variety for mature width and height and give them a little breathing room.

The globe-shaped flowers attract all kinds of butterflies and skippers. Cut a few to include in long-lasting arrangements, potpourri bowls and wreaths.

If you want to save seeds, collect dried flowers before the first frost. When they brown in winter, pull them up and add to the compost pile.