Hypertufa Design with Colleen Dieter

hypertufa how-to
In this week’s episode, designer Colleen Dieter teams up with Trisha Shirey to show how to make custom containers with hypertufa.

Colleen’s instructions:

  • Wear Gloves. Cement is caustic.
  • Mix equal parts perlite, peat moss and Portland cement in large container or wheelbarrow.
  • Slowly begin to add water and mix until mixture is the consistency of cottage cheese.
  • Coat containers with cooking spray.
  • Pour mixture into the outer mold until it is an inch or more thick. At this point you can
    push a cork or dowel into the bottom of the mixture to create drainage holes if you are
    creating a planter.
  • Put a smaller bowl on the inside of the big bowl. Fill the inner mold with sand or water to steady it. Pack mixture in tightly. Cover the containers with plastic.
  • After 24 hours remove the inner mold. Use a rubber mallet if needed to knock the
    container loose from the mold. Replace plastic.
  • After 36 hours remove outer mold.
  • After removing molds, you can drill holes using a masonry bit in the bottom of the
    container for drainage if needed. Use a planer file or sand paper to smooth out any rough
  • Re-cover containers with plastic and let sit for several weeks in order to finish curing.