Insecticidal and Fungicidal Oils: Dormant and All-seasons Oils

Fruit tree insect and fungal prevention John Dromgoole

by John Dromgoole

  • High Yield and All Seasons Spray Oil:  petroleum-based.  (Avoid spraying after temperatures hit the mid-80s to avoid leaf burn).  Dormant oil is used in early winter to kill over-wintering eggs and larvae.
  • E-rase concentrate for powdery mildew:  Jojoba oil
  • Organicide to control disease and many insect problems: sesame oil, fish oil
  • Bioganic Organic Insect Control:  herb oils (thyme, clove, sesame)
  • Orange oil to control insects:  2 oz. in a gallon of water with a bit of soap
  • BioNeem (or any neem product) for insect and disease control:  neem oil from the neem tree.  This disrupts an insect’s hormonal balance so it stops feeding.
  • Rose Pharm: peppermint oil for roses
  • Indoor Pharm: rosemary oil
  • Flower Pharm: cinnamon oil

NOTE:  Be cautious with these botanical/horticultural oils.  Once it’s hot, consider applying at night. Read instructions carefully to avoid leaf burn.

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