Lady Banks Rose

Lady Banks is an extremely vigorous, evergreen, thornless, climbing rose. It can easily grow

10-15’ tall and wide, so don’t try to grow it on a wimpy trellis. Give it a sturdy arbor or fence, or simply let it fill a large spot with its cascading shape. Although referred to as a “climbing rose,” if left to its own devices, it forms an arching “shrub.” You can prune and train it to climb along an arbor or fence or leave it in a shrubby form to screen or frame a view.

Give Lady Banks at least six hours of sun. As long as it has soil of some kind, it doesn’t require fertilizer. Once established, it needs very little water, though in hot, dry summers, it will appreciate some irrigation. Otherwise, it will respond just fine after the first fall and winter rains.

No pests or diseases bother it and neither do deer. Birds do love to nest in its mature boughs!

In early spring, it showers hundreds of dime-sized butter-yellow or white flowers. The white one is fragrant!

It is evergreen in milder climates. It only flowers once a year, so prune its lengthy canes to shape and control it after flowering. If you need to prune it before then, that will be fine, but you may lose a few flowers.