Leek flowers and how to grow: Louise Suhey

Leek flowers Central Texas Gardener
The papery skin on her leek flowers formed a perfect dunce cap!

She doesn’t actually eat the leeks: she just grows them for the beautiful flowers that pollinators love, too!
They’ve multiplied greatly over the years she has at least 40 spread out all over her garden.

Louise lives on the edge of the Hill Country in San Antonio (so the soil isn’t deep, but well drained). She divides her leeks about every 3 years.

The bulbs tend to push up through my mulch towards the late summer, so that’s when I divide them. They seem to like my garden because I have more and more every year. They took quite a beating this year with all the heavy rain so I will probably cut the flower stalks off in late June. I am always amazed at how long the flowers last.