Mexican Flame Vine

Senecio confusus

Mexican flame vine grows quickly in warm weather, producing brilliant orange flowers that Monarch butterflies and countless pollinators can’t resist.

Mexican flame vine may be evergreen and bloom all year in warm winters and in zones 9 and above, but tends to be an annual in zone 8 and colder. Even if it has to be replaced each year, this plant is well worth the effort for its wildlife benefit and showy flowers.

It must have a trellis or some other support, since it quickly grows to 10 to 12’ tall and about 2’ wide.

Plant in full sun or light shade and water regularly, but don’t overwater. The only problem we’ve ever noticed with this plant in our demonstration garden is die-back at the base in times of heavy rainfall. If that happens and you lose the plant, increase the drainage with amendments or a berm in future plantings, and also be sure to keep mulch away from the base.