Montezuma Cypress

Montezuma Cypress

Montezuma cypress is a Southwestern native that really does well here. I like it because it holds its foliage longer into winter than other types of cypress.  I like that fine textured leaf foliage that’s a completely different look than our other trees.

Along the rivers of Central Texas, you’ll see the native cypresses that grow quite well.  These are a good choice.  If you get a seed source from this area, that’s a good one to use. The Eastern cypresses produce knees in our landscapes.  Those in the swamps of Louisiana will grow here, but if it’s a little wet you get those knees coming up and that’s not really desirable.

Montezuma’s a different species.  Not only does it hold its foliage longer, it can take drought quite well.  It can grow up to 60-100′ and 25-50′ in width.