Moth Orchid


Moth Orchid

If you have never tried growing orchids because you think they’re too difficult, here’s the orchid that will change your mind. It’s the orchid for everyone: it puts up with our indoor light, unlike most orchids, which require a very bright outdoor light setting. Phalaenopsis do quite well in a bright window of a house. It prefers indirect light, like being near a window, but not in direct sun.

It’s easy to grow. You can pot it in bark, spaghnum peat moss, or sometimes in stones. Although the roots want to be somewhat moist, the potting medium must drain well. Phalaenopsis don’t want wet feet. Water it once a week or so with a diluted-strength fertilizer.

In order for it to re-bloom: in fall, when the temperatures drop into the 60s, move it outdoors into a very bright, but shady location. No direct sun. Leave it out about two weeks, and bring it in before temperatures dip into the 50s. This treatment initiates the buds that will bloom in late winter.