Pansy & Viola

Cool-weather annuals, pansies and violas, charm up winter beds and containers with endless colorful combos to mix and match.

An affordable splash of ongoing color until hot weather, tuck them around dormant perennials or fill containers with their spilling foliage when summer’s annuals are through.

In gardens free of chemicals, splash your salads with those colorful petals. Outside, butterflies and even bees will grab dinner.

The big trick to pansies and violas is waiting for hot, humid weather to pass. In some years, this could be close to Thanksgiving.

Plant in good, loose soil in full sun or bright shade under deciduous trees.

They need average water: often rainfall is quite enough. Otherwise, water only to keep the soil moist. Avoid overwatering. Spread a little mulch around them to prevent soil splash in downpours.