Sambac Jasmine

Sambac jasmine is a compact tropical shrub, with small, fragrant white flowers from spring to fall. Plant it near a patio or other conversational area to enjoy its perfumed jasmine scent.

Listed hardy only to Zone 9, or 20 degrees Fahrenheit, Sambac jasmine is truly tropical and will be killed in harsh winters. In warmer winters, it can remain evergreen or simply die back a little in cold. If planted in a large container and protected in winter, it remains evergreen all year.

But even if you have to replant every few years, Sambac jasmine is well worth the effort. It will do best if protected from the harshest late afternoon sun, but needs bright light to grow and flower well. In filtered shade, it will stay a little smaller and have few flowers, but is still quite lovely.

Loose soil with a little compost is best, and in ideal conditions, Sambac jasmine will get up to six feet tall and four feet wide. Normally, it stays smaller. Prune in spring to shape and encourage lush growth.

Water deeply during the hottest, driest times of summer, but be careful not to overwater, especially if your soil is heavy and not well-draining.