Shade Plants in Deer Country: Trisha Shirey & Barbara Wise

Trisha Shirey and Barbara Wise shade plants Central Texas Gardener

Shrubs/small trees
American beautyberry (deciduous)
• Attracts pollinators to flowers; birds to fall berries
• Cut back in late winter
American beautyberry purple berries native Texas plant Central Texas Gardener
White mistflower (Ageratina havanensis)
• Fall bloom and sometimes spring; attracts countless pollinator
• Cut back in late winter
native white mistflower Central Texas Gardener
Turk’s cap
• Attracts butterflies, bees, hummingbirds
• Cut back in late winter
Turks cap near cat perch
Mahonia aquifolium (evergreen)
Mahonia for shade and texture Central Texas Gardener
Cestrum ‘Orange Zest’ (evergreen)
• Attracts hummingbirds
Orange Zest cestrum Central Texas Gardener
Orange Zest cestrum hummingbird flowers Central Texas Gardener

Evergreen groundcover
Sedge dappled light groundcover Central Texas Gardener
Variegated Japanese sedge
variegated Japanese sedge shade garden Central Texas Gardener
Mexican feather grass (browns in winter)
mexican feathergrass Nasella tenuissima
Holly fern
Aspidistra (cast iron plant)

River fern
Wavy scaly cloakfern
Wavy Cloak fern Central Texas Gardener


Salvia greggii
Salvia guaranitica (dies to ground in winter)
Salvia coccinea (usually annual but re-seeds)
• All attract bees, butterflies, hummingbirds
Rock rose (Pavonia lasiopetala)
Mexican honeysuckle (usually dies to ground in winter)
Mexican honeysuckle and blue plumbago part sun Central Texas Gardener

Narcissus, crinum lily, Society garlic, spiderwort

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