Summer color plants

Angel Wing Begonia
  • Angel Wing begonia ‘Diana Pink’: Annual container or bedding plant for bright shade (under a tree, patio with gentle morning sun). Not winter hardy unless brought inside to a sunny window or put into a greenhouse.
  • Mandevilla: Annual vine for full sun unless protected in a greenhouse.
  • Crape myrtle ‘Pink Ruffles’: 4 x 4′
  • Natchez crape myrtle: to 35′
  • Duranta: Small shrub/tree for sun to part sun. It can freeze in very harsh winters.
  • Hibiscus: This includes annual varieties, and perennials like Texas Star and Moy Grande, which die to the ground in winter but return unless conditions are extremely harsh. Sun.
  • Althea (Rose of Sharon): Small shrub/tree. Sun to part shade.
  • Yellow bells (Tecoma stans): Perennial shrub that dies to ground in winter. Amanda featured the native one, which is somewhat hardier than the hybrids most often seen in nurseries. Full sun required for best blooming.
  • Plumeria: Fragrant tropical for full sun. Must be given greenhouse or garage winter protection. It can even be pulled from its pot and stored in a warm garage over winter.
  • Pride of Barbados: Showy perennial shrub for full sun that attracts beneficial insects. It dies to ground in winter but returns from the roots.
  • Plumbago: Perennial shrub for sun to part shade. It dies to ground in winter but returns from the roots.
  • Bougainvillea: Showy full-sun plant for containers or even in the ground in warmer spots. It’s generally considered an annual but can be overwintered in a garage or greenhouse. In some winters, it’s fine in the ground, but that totally depends on its location and winter temperatures.