Texas Everbearing Fig

Ficus carica

POW - Texas Everbearing Fig

The Texas Everbearing fig is also known as Brown Turkey fig.

There are many varieties of fig. They vary in size, size of fruit and flavor of fruit.

Texas Everbearing fig gets about 10′ x 10′. It does look really nice when you leave it bushy, or you can prune it to be a small tree.

It needs full sun and well-drained soil. If you don’t have good drainage, you will have problems. If possible, plant in a sheltered area since this variety can sometimes be susceptible to winter frost.

Nutrients are not as important to this tree as they are to some other fruit trees, so it doesn’t require as much fertilization. It self-pollinates, so you don’t need to plant a second fig.

It produces nearly seedless fruit with a mild sweet flavor from June through August.

You will want to thin your fruit if you have a heavy crop.

You want to also protect that tree, if possible, from birds who will also love the figs!

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