Tips for Disease Control

by John Dromgoole

For very stubborn diseases, use copper or a Bordeau mixture.

Warning: Use this as a last resort
ONLY; it is very toxic and for use only in cooler months.

Cloud Cover is an anti transpirant that is great to use on Christmas
trees or to prevent moisture loss on new transplants. It will also provide
a protector barrier to disease, on old growth only. You must apply again
to new growth. Least toxic product.

Dusting sulfur is a great natural way to fend off disease and pests.
Mix with water and seaweed to enhance its fungicidal properties, or dust
plants. For COOL weather use only. Do not use when temperatures exceed
90 percent, and never apply a foliar spray in sunlight or the heat of
day. Sulfur will burn cucurbits.

Bio-Neem is a product containing Neem oil that controls disease and insects.

Baking soda is a kitchen remedy. Mix 4 teaspoons to 1 gallon water. Potassium
bicarbonate is a sodium-free choice that provides nutrients as well. This
does not provide long-term protection. Do not use during the heat of the
day, and it is recommended to wash it off the foliage after 30 minutes.

Corn meal spread around plants offers control as well.

A new, safe remedy which reports great success is MILK! Use it in a 20-50
percent solution with water; spray on the plant (again, never in the heat
of day).

If disease problems overwhelm you every year, you may want to consider
planting with varieties that can tolerate our cool spring and fall evenings.

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