Tips for Fighting Fire Ants and Other Pests

natural fire ant control John Dromgoole

by John Dromgoole

Dried molasses is a good energy source for the soil, improving microbial action. Recently it’s been discovered to be a fire ant deterrent — it doesn’t kill them, but it chases them off.

Beneficial nematodes are powerful predators against fire ants, fleas, grub worms, and other pests. They must be purchased fresh and alive, and applied with water to the garden. Call your local nurseries for availability.

Fertilome has a new product, a fermented micro-organism, that fights fire ants, borers, tent caterpillars, and army worms.

Orange oil extract is a powerful insecticide. It’s also marketed in a compost tea which works very well as a fire ant mound drench.

Diatomaceous earth is an effective pest control, especially when mixed with pyrethrum. Must be reapplied after a rain.

There is a new bait on the market, Ascend, made from mushrooms and soy oil that has been found to be effective on fire ants.

With any pesticide, please be cautious and careful. You don’t want to destroy your beneficial insects while combating a few pests that may be soon to depart anyway.

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