Tomatoes Planting and Growing Tips

Mighty 'Mato grafted tomato Central Texas Gardener

by Gary Peese


  1. Work a good amount of compost in planting area. We highly
    recommend Oma’s House Turkey Compost.
  2. Pinch off the lower leaves so that only two sets are above the soil level
    with only an inch or two of stem exposed.
  3. Add a handful of Soft Rock Phosphate to the bottom of each hole and
    mix into the soil. Set the new plant directly into this soil mixture.
  4. For stronger and healthier plants, remineralize the soil with a supply of
    trace minerals (including greensand, lava sand, basalt and granite),
    which can all be found in about a ? to 1 cup of Tomato and Pepper
  5. To help prevent fungal disease, mix 2 cups of Corn Meal with the
    backfill soil.
  6. Finally, add Microrhizal Inoculants now. These beneficial fungi will
    greatly enhance the plants ability to absorb water and nutrients.


  1. Select an area with full sun.
  2. Plant tomatoes at least 3 feet apart. Some larger vining varieties may
    require more space. Proper air flow is important to prevent problems
    with powdery mildew.
  3. Don’t over water. Water established plants deeply every 7-10 days.
    Tomato starts will need to be watered more often until established.
  4. For healthier plants and spider mite prevention, foliar feed about every
    2 weeks with 1 tablespoon Seaweed extract and 2 tablespoons
    Molasses per gallon of water.
  5. To control powdery mildew after long rainy periods, spray with a tea
    made of corn meal. Use ? cup per gallon of water, sit overnight, and
  6. For control of Hornworms, usually a violent spray of water will be
    sufficient. Worms can easily be picked and discarded by hand. Can
    also use a Bacillus Thuringiensis (B.T.) product if desired.
  7. Provide a tomato cage, especially for indeterminate varieties.