Variegated Cuban Oregano

Variegated Cuban oregano is a gorgeous tropical herb that not only looks great in the garden, but, like its cousin, common oregano, is also useful in the kitchen.

Since it’s native to tropical regions, it will almost certainly be an annual in your garden, but I think it’s well worth the time. If planted in containers and brought indoors when there’s a potential for frosty temperatures, it may last a few seasons, but really, it will look better and be more robust if you replace it each spring.

The leaves of variegated Cuban oregano are large and bright, making it a striking addition to any area of the landscape. Its name derives from the fact that it is commonly used in Cuban cooking, not from its native habitat, India.

As with most herbs, good drainage is important, and a bit of compost in the soil is also good. Cuban oregano will tolerate light shade, but will thrive in full sun. Water well, but sparingly.

As with most herbs, Cuban oregano has soft, succulent leaves and will rot if it stays too wet. Getting about a foot and a tall and about as wide, Cuban oregano fills in nicely and makes a great addition along borders and beds.