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Navigating Native Plants

Most of the time, native plants don’t freak out about whatever Texas weather throws at them. Sure, we get a few casualties, including this year’s mushed up agaves. Plants may hunker down or not perform to our expectations in extended drought and freeze, but eventually they rally. My Salvia lyrata and Brazos penstemon (also called | read more →

Tiny Plants for Big Tastes with Jen McGuinness!

No room to garden? Go micro! For supersized tastes without a big bank account or a big yard, fill your plate with homegrown food from compact plants. This week, author and blogger Jen McGuinness shows off 30 clever DIY projects and tiny plants from her hot-off-the-press book Micro Food Gardening: Project Plans and Plants for | read more →

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Plant Propagation Made Easy

encore date: March 20, 2021

original air date: June 29, 2019

Multiply your wealth with seeds, cuttings, divisions, and offsets! Leslie Halleck, author of hot-off-the-press Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplants, Vegetables, and Flowers, demystifies plant propagation indoors and out. On tour, when Jackson Broussard returned to his childhood home, he gave it new ideas along with sentimental memories. Daphne analyzes what’s bugging viewer gardens from pathogens to insects. John demonstrates how to divide houseplants.

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Tom Spencer update:

Tom suffered a massive stroke in September. Please send cards (no food) to:

Tom Spencer #209
Auberge Assisted Living
14058A Bee Cave Parkway
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Get updates on Tom here.

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