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Propagate Succulents, Mayfield Park, Pond Tour

I never had luck with native coneflowers until an unhappy, too-shaded plant seeded itself in a suddenly sunny bed. Hot, afternoon sun. Got it. Since then, I’ve got an unruly grove, for which I am pleased. On Sunday, the wildlife parade included a Gulf Fritillary. Exciting news! After sending up a 64” flower spike last | read more →

Moroccan courtyard daylily paradise + Nature’s medicine cabinet

Sometimes you just have to observe and record a moment in your memory instead of on media. But this time, my camera was in hand when I happened upon a Question Mark butterfly taking a break after feasting on loquat fruit sap. We can all list plants that are good for us, but there are | read more →

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Propagate Succulents + Story of Mayfield Park

air date: May 18, 2019

Water gardens, whatever size, instantly transform yards into beautiful wildlife habitats. Jeannie Ferrier from the Austin Pond Society previews just a few of the diverse gardens on the 25th anniversary pond tour. On tour, discover the story behind beloved Mayfield Park and how volunteers jumped in to carry on its historical legacy. Several viewers are finding unusual, though different, growths on tree leaves. Daphne explains that these are leaf galls and why they’re not a problem. See how to propagate your succulents—from offsets, bulbils, and seeds—with Jeff Pavlat from the Austin Cactus & Succulent Society.

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May To Do List

This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.

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