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Troubles to Terrific Design and Succulents

Something we hear a lot: “I killed my succulents! I thought they were so easy to grow. What did I do wrong?” You bet, succulents can be easy–but like anything else, we’ve got to treat them right. This week, Jay Arredondo from Desert to Tropics puts us on the right track to spectacular containers. So, | read more →

Make a Beautiful Difference

On Earth Day and every day, we really can make a difference—big and small—as climate challenges impact our comfort, our wildlife, and our life-essential resources like water. It can be as simple as planting a few flowers. My long-term, drought-tough spuria irises always get a crowd, but I’ve never seen so many Red Admiral butterflies, | read more →

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Troubles to Terrific Design and Succulents

air date: April 27, 2024

Get design ideas for garden beds and patio containers. On tour, Jennie Ostertag broke a few shovels turning her blank yard into magical moments for family, friends, and wildlife. Jay Arredondo from Desert to Tropics puts us on the right track to success with succulents. Daphne explores how to water container plants. Melissa Hagen-Wilson combines spring-to-summer flowers and herbs for containers and garden beds.

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