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In Rain or Drought

Could you hear me whooping about last Saturday night’s rain? Even my drought-hardiest were gasping until thankful drenches. And bingo! Rain lilies Zepharanthes ‘Labuffarosa’ jumped up on cue. These flowers are only about 3″ wide. Patio containers took on a new day with leaves and roots refreshed. Here we’ve got Mangave ‘Bloodspot’, native Hibiscus martianus, | read more →

Garden Distractions Working From Home!

During an online team meeting the other day, I got distracted for a minute when I glanced over to the window and saw what the light was doing. I’ve often heard that the trick for self-employed, working from home folks is to dress for “the job.” The philosophical concept is to seal the divide between | read more →

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Panayoti Kelaidis, Denver Botanic Gardens

encore date: May 23, 2020

original air date: November 23, 2019

Philosophy for water-resourceful gardening crosses borders with Panayoti Kelaidis, Senior Curator and Director of Outreach at Denver Botanic Gardens. On tour, John Hart Asher and Bonnie Evridge turned a weedy backyard into a native plant micro-prairie with room for organic vegetables and play area for their two small boys. Daphne explains why the fronds on a Texas sabal palm have yellowed and how to control noxious Virginia buttonweed. Plant pretty and edible cool weather tastes—even in containers—with Molly Pikarsky’s Backyard Basics tips. 

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Tom Spencer update:

Tom suffered a massive stroke in September. Please send cards (no food) to:

5150 North AW Grimes Blvd.
Round Rock, TX 78665

Get updates on Tom here.

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