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Late Spring Surprises Post-Freeze!

This steam bath weather is not for me! Luckily, my spider lily ‘Tropical Giant’ Hymenocallis revels in its namesake weather, unfurling graceful flowers this first week of summer. Native groundcover snake herb’s lavender blooms entice pollinators, not snakes! The spider lily’s ant fan club industriously trailed from ground to leaves to deep orange stamens and | read more →

Summer Bugs: Trouble or Not?

From a recent tweet: “Why is there no cicada emoji? After all, we’ve had 17 years to make one!” Well, I suppose it IS possible to forget pounds (tons?) of them. I mean, if you just graduated from high school, you won’t see this again until your mid-30s. Austin PBS, KLRU colleague Alex Wolff happened | read more →

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Flashy Plants for Splashy Summer

encore date: May 22, 2021

original air date: June 8, 2019

Icy drinks, cool swims, and sizzling grills mean that summertime’s here for sure. Pop hot color into outdoor “livin’ is easy” with Casey Aicklen from Barton Springs Nursery, including the oft-asked question, “How to keep bougainvilleas blooming?” Caterpillars love summer, too! Daphne identifies butterfly larvae instars chomping on fennel and parsley and Genista Broom moth caterpillars on mountain laurel. John shows the difference between fungal disease and insect damage. On tour in rocky Cedar Park, Robert Jennings re-created a honeymoon paradise every day for wife Deborah and their daughter Calli Avery-Faith.

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Tom Spencer update:

Tom suffered a massive stroke in September. Please send cards (no food) to:

Tom Spencer #209
Auberge Assisted Living
14058A Bee Cave Parkway
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Get updates on Tom here.

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