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Succulent Design & Edible Flowers

Every February, my native Mexican plum throws a bee fest. Word travels fast, but reserved flitting is not required. Early blooms this year are already scattering petals while the beeline continues. Oxalis just geared up, though, so bees check out the latest venue. Joined here by Leucojum, some consider it a weed. I love it | read more →

Tasty Ideas in Old Garden + Oak Wilt

Many of my plants come with a treasured memory of the person who shared them with me, including this early-bird white bearded iris, first on the punch once again in February’s sunburn to snow weather. I pass them along, too, like my perennializing Leucojum. I planted a few long ago after admiring them in old | read more →

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Succulent Plants + Edible Flowers

air date: February 22, 2020

Get creative with succulent designs in containers or raised beds. Jay Arredondo from wholesale Desert to Tropics Nursery pairs succulents of all kinds for eye-popping foliar and color combinations. So, what is a “succulent?” Daphne breaks it down and also explains the difference between shrubs and perennials. Eat your flowers, too! Alejandra Rodriguez Boughton from La Flaca urban farm adds tasty color to your recipes and ice cubes. On tour, a backyard fruit orchard replaced an old tennis court and limestone beds for food and flowers adjoining outdoor living. 

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Tom Spencer update:

Tom suffered a massive stroke in September. Please send cards (no food) to:

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