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Dry Creek Bed Design + Native Plant Design Lake Buchanan

Sunday’s my time to garden but these days it’s hard to stick to the ever-growing chores. Although the weeds are calling me, so are the flowers, like my long-established, swoon-worthy Byzantine gladiolus. Newe Ya’ar sage—the only sage that’s worked for me—is such a bee flurry right now that I delayed my trip to the recycling | read more →

Starting a First Family Garden + Roses to Love

I can almost hear things growing after rain at last! In a break between drenches, bees lost no time grabbing a quick bite on my spuria irises. These perennials go dormant in summer, emerge in late fall, and zoom up in early spring. Taping in Dripping Springs last week, a dry creek bed was indeed | read more →

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Dry Creek Bed Design

air date: April 20, 2019

When it rains, it REALLY pours in Central Texas! How can you control water puddling or even flooding near your house? To direct rainwater where you want it to slowly soak in, Garden designer Leah Churner lays out best practices, mistakes to avoid, and do-it-yourself tips. In Burnet, Pamela and Jimmy Holcomb controlled runoff from a steep road and restored indigenous plants on a sandstone cliff above their Lake Buchanan waterfront. Daphne explains why there’s not a one size fits all when it comes to how much to water. John shows how to make an easy, inexpensive compost bin that you could also use to protect plants from cats and other critters.

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