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Craft a Message with Flowers: The Posy Book

Salvias love this finally-fall weather (despite last week’s quick winter detour to record lows). Clusters of Salvia farinacea alerted bees that autumn’s food festival was on: at least until temps dip again next week. We’re still playing weather ping pong, especially when it comes to hauling sensitive outdoor containers indoors. Certified horticulturist Leslie Halleck explains | read more →

Trees and Climate Change Response

It’s been so dry for so long that I never expected my Lycoris radiata bulbs to show up this year. Sometimes called “hurricane lilies” since they pop up after September rains, I thought I was out of luck, but a few defied drought to carry on the annual fall tradition. My nameless daylily softened my | read more →

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Garden Bouquets That Tell a Story: The Posy Book

air date: November 9, 2019

What personal message can you send through flowers and foliage? Teresa Sabankaya from Bonny Doon Garden Company and author of The Posy Book, explores the intricate language of flowers. See how to craft a little bouquet to honor special occasions and convey encouragement, love, and fortitude. 

On tour in Lorena, Elizabeth DeMaria turned clay-baked, grazed pasture land into gorgeous gardens to romance wildlife. It’s time to move outdoor container plants indoors! Certified horticulturist Leslie Halleck explains how to make the transition easier on them and on you.

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November To Do List

This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.

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