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Joy in Little Surprises

It’s been a tricky year for parents working from home. In Hyde Park, one salvation is a stroll to Jill Nokes’s curbside discovery garden where children can pick out a small toy, shell, or stone to lovingly cart home. Jill was stepping out of her folk art-inspired stone arch with a new batch of trinkets | read more →

Slippery Slopes to Gardens and Outdoor Living Hangouts

“Way back” in October 2019, as clouds loomed in pre-pandemic times, we headed up a steep street to an even more dramatic slope of a garden. From the topmost tier, director Ed Fuentes and grip Steve Maedl documented outstanding views. In a gradual process across 20 years, Michael Harper and Jed Duhon turned harsh slopes | read more →

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Firewise Landscaping

encore date: January 23, 2021

original air date: February 2, 2019

How can we design our gardens to be less at risk to fire?  Get proactive tips with Will Boettner from the Travis County Fire Marshal’s Office. On tour, discover how nature inspired a new direction for artist Valerie Fowler. Daphne analyzes iron deficiency on a loquat and explains how to fertilize trees from Austin Urban Forest Health Coordinator certified arborist April Rose. Start your own tomato seeds with how-to tips from Molly Pikarsky, Flora and Flora Manager at Lake Austin Spa Resort.

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Tom Spencer update:

Tom suffered a massive stroke in September. Please send cards (no food) to:

Tom Spencer #209
Auberge Assisted Living
14058A Bee Cave Parkway
Bee Cave, TX 78738

Get updates on Tom here.

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This month's tips for how to care for your plants, pruning, fertilizing, lawn care, and preping for your garden. Read the entire to do list.

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