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Starting from Scratch

air date: October 15, 2022

From blank ground, two families created tranquil havens for good health and pollinators. Suthi and Sanjay Nagar wanted more than lawn when they moved to Austin from Pasadena. To figure out gardening in Central Texas, Suthi took permaculture classes at the Austin Permaculture Guild that led to instruction in medicinal herbs. Now their small front yard is a lively haven, filled with food for them and pollinators, healthful plants, and a wondrous neighborly connection. New gardeners Jared Goza and Andrew Ong, passionate about plants since childhood, plotted new paths of discovery when they turned their first home’s concrete slab yard into sensory destinations. With eclectic style and tireless curiosity, they elevated dimension with trees, raised beds and privacy trellises. Plus, John Dromgoole demonstrates how to check nursery pot plant roots for the best plant to bring home. In the blog.