Powis Castle


This is a very popular plant for us because it’s very easy to grow and it’s really pretty. It has lacy, silver-green foliage and it is evergreen, or ever silver! It creates a dense, billowy mound to about 2′ tall. It can get up to 3′ tall and wide or even wider. You can prune it to keep it in shape. In late winter, prune the width if you want a taller, less-wide plant. You can also prune the height in early spring which will make the plant bushier. This plant is not a perennial, so you don’t need to prune it back to the ground.

It spreads by underground stems, so it can creep a little bit in your gardens. It does require well-drained soil so make sure you have well-drained soil for this plant. It’s very drought tolerant and low water use, but regular watering will keep it healthier. But don’t overdo that watering. If it does up and die very quickly on you, the cause is most likely from root rot from overwatering. It’s very heat tolerant and it tolerates full sun to light shade.