Goldenball Lead Tree

Leucaena retusa

POW Goldenball Lead Tree

Goldenball leadtree is a deciduous (though partially evergreen in some areas) slender shrubby plant, which is usually trained to be a small tree. I find that its wispy, light-green divided leaves instill a sense of peace in a light breeze. It is quite a delicate specimen when compared to our more beefy trees, and it looks great in the garden if given a place all its own, to stand out and be a focal point. It also looks lovely when accompanied by smaller shrubs as accents.

Goldenball leadtree is covered in fragrant round yellow flowers from spring through summer. It normally stays around 15′ tall and 5 to 10′ wide, but depending on where it is planted and how much water and sunlight it receives, it may get up to 25′.

It has an airy, billowy habit, with small limbs that are easily broken in high winds. So this tree is best planted in a protected area, perhaps near the home or patio. It is also very drought and heat tolerant, requiring no to minimal supplemental irrigation.