Gopher Plant

Euphorbia rigida

This is a nice little dry land evergreen succulent, and looks great in a rock garden or an area with decomposed granite.

The pale bluish green leaves are offset nicely by the light colors of decomposed granite (which assists in the drainage it requires). It looks nice planted along borders as a specimen plant, or even in short containers.

It’s about 2 feet tall, spreading to about 3 feet wide, so give it plenty of space. The leaves are narrow and pointed, and it makes a nice clump of pale yellow flowers at the end of each plant stalk, in mid-to-late spring.

It is poisonous.

It’s evergreen and root hardy. Plant in full sun in well-drained soil.It does rot easily, so avoid clay soil. Wood mulch can also cause rot. Don’t over water it. It may need water only once a month or so, which makes it a great drought accent plant.