Herbal Flea Repellents

drying herbs

Inland sea oats, though lovely in shade, can be very invasive. When the seeds are still green, cut bouquets, wrap tightly with a rubber band, and hang to dry. They look pretty just hanging, but are also wonderful in dried flower arrangements.

As you prune other herbs, like rosemary, dry them in boxes or on trays, out of sunlight, for a week to 10 days. Once dry, you can crumble them in a food processor, blender, or with mortar and pestle.

To make a sweet-smelling carpet refresher that repels fleas, mix and match rosemary, lavender, thyme, eucalyptus, and sage. Pennyroyal is an excellent flea repellent, but should be used in small amounts. Mix the herbs, half and half, with baking soda or borax. The borax desiccates flea eggs and larvae. Sprinkle on carpets, let sit, then vacuum.

On the pets, use a small shaker bottle or can to mix in 1 part diatomaceous earth to 3 parts of the herbs listed above. Be sure to get the DE at a nursery, not at a swimming pool supply store. Dust the pet, being careful to avoid the eyes, and without being too vigorous around the head.