Iced Teas

by Trisha

Iced teas are a welcome summer treat and any leftover brewed teas may be refrigerated and served over ice. I also enjoy cold brewed iced teas.

Place tea bags or loose tea and any fresh herbs, washed and crushed, in a clean glass jar and pour room temperature filtered water over the herbs.

Place in the refrigerator overnight and drink chilled or over ice. The flavor is fresher and lighter with cold brewing. After straining the tea from the bags, add more water for a second brew from the same tea bags and herbs. (Sometimes I even do a third brewing from the same herbs!)

Mints are excellent for enjoying while gardening, hiking or enjoying the outdoors. Natural diaphoretics, they assist the body in keeping cooler by stimulating perspiration.

Cold brew a strong peppermint tea and add an equal amount of apple juice to create a refreshing summer brew. Or use Earl Grey black or green tea and add a splash of orange juice for a soothing summer cooler.