Kalanchoe (Mother of Thousands)


There are many common names for this plant, one of which is Mother of Thousands. There are also a lot of kalanchoe species that are great for us, but the common floral species that you might have gotten as a gift or can buy at grocery stores is more of a houseplant or protected patio plant. Many species grow great outdoors, great in containers with other succulents, like low-growing sedums. Their height against the low growers is a great combination. They are very low water use and they like a lot of sun, but they also tolerate partial shade. They’re listed to get up to three feet, but they’re normally much smaller in our environment because of our cold winters. These develop plantlets along their leaf margins, which make them very interesting. Those plantlets fall off into your soil and create new plants for you to give away to your friends. They’re very easy to dig up. They’re fabulous in rock gardens or in specially designed dry areas, with crushed granite. They’re evergreen and surprisingly hardy; most came through winter just fine. They can also handle our slightly alkaline soil, which make them a great choice for us.