There are many different species in the genus Manfreda. You may also find hybrid Agave/Manfreda crosses, called Mangaves. All are native to the southern US, Mexico and Central America and are great succulents for your garden. One species of Manfreda is known as Texas tuberose. As with most succulents, Manfredas require loose, airy soil with excellent drainage. Gardener Brent Henry has clay soil so he mixes in decomposed granite to improve drainage. His Manfredas get partial sun with most of the sun in the afternoon, but shaded by a bur oak. He gives them practically no water, and all have survived hard freezes and tough droughts just fine. They bloom reliably every spring with a 4 foot spike. Manfredas have a low-growing, rosette habit and don’t take up much space in the garden. With their long, sometimes curly leaves, they also look great in containers, especially when the container color plays off the spots on the leaves.