Merrideth Jiles’ Citrus Plants

Calamondin orange


  • Eureka lemon
  • Variegated Calamondin orange
  • Improved Meyer lemon
  • Satsuma orange

Most citrus is grafted to the trifoliate orange. If your plant has been hit by the freeze, and is only getting growth from the ground, it’s probably from the rootstock and not the plant you want.

If you see green growth on the branches, simply cut back the dead brown branches to the live leaves.

Citrus are subtropicals and don’t really start growing until we have warm air and soil temperatures. Generally, we fertilize April through October. You can use a liquid fertilizer but Merrideth prefers a slow release organic fertilizer. Stop fertilizing in late August or early September.

You want to use a high nitrogen fertilizer. Merrideth likes a 6-2-4 blend, with a little bit on iron nitrate. Sulfur is also good to add since it helps buffer the alkalinity in our soil and water. You can also use a liquid seaweed fortified with iron as a supplement.

Generally not necessary except to maintain size or desired shape or to remove damaged or dead branches. You also want to remove cross branches that rub against each other since that could be an entry point for disease or insects.

For more information on citrus plants, check out the Great Outdoor’s “Citrus Selection and Care” tip sheet.