Mexican Feather Grass

Nassella tenuissima

POW - Mexican Feather Grass

This feathery, small clumping grass is perfect for the waterwise garden! Plant Mexican feather grass in well-drained soil, near other xeric plants. Give it sun or part shade. It is considered deer resistant.

Plant in fall or spring. Water to establish it. After that, water sparingly, during the driest of times. Excessive irrigation or flooding rain, especially in heavy soils, will rot its roots. This is a waterwise plant!

Mexican feather grass grows to about 18 inches to two feet tall and a foot or two wide. So, it’s a smaller grass that works well to texturize other plants in your low-water garden. They’re great planted in masses, to add soft texture that sways with every breeze.

It produces soft blonde seed stalks in late spring through summer. This produces lots of seeds, and soon you could have many more! You may find this quality endearing, especially if you have some empty spaces you want to fill in. But if you find this annoying, simply dig up the seedlings when they’re small and share with your friends or in another part of your garden.

Like other ornamental grasses, prune them during dormancy in February. Cut them near the base to encourage new growth.