White Mistflower

Ageratina Havenensis

white mistflower

Also called shrubby white boneset or Havana snakeroot, this shrubby plant may get up to 6′ tall, covered in highly fragrant, fuzzy white blooms from fall through early winter.

These flowers are a magnet for hummingbirds, butterflies, and other insects, since they are a rare source of late-season nectar and pollen.

White mistflower normally grows to about 2′ tall and wide. It’s native to rocky, limestone areas where the soil holds very little water so it prefers good drainage, but it also easily tolerates poorly drained soils, as long you don’t overwater it. It will also tolerate shady areas, but will perform better and bloom more profusely in more sun.
shrubby boneset white mistflower
Once blooming starts to slow down with the onset of winter, give it a good, heavy shearing to encourage denser new growth in the spring and more profuse blooms next fall. If you don’t shear the plant, blooming will be very sparse, since boneset/white mistflower only produces flowers on new wood.
shrubby boneset white mistflower

This plant requires very little water once established and is a great addition to any Central Texas landscape if you want a trouble-free shrub to attract lots of pollinators!