Xylosma Congestum

Thanks to Rebecca Schroeder, who gardens in Buda and blogs at Rebecca’s Retreat, for pictures of her Xylosma!

Often called shiny Xylosma, this shrubby plant is very versatile. You can train to a small tree shape, leave it shrubby or prune into a hedge.

Xylosma usually grows to about six feet tall and spreads equally as wide or slightly wider, but can get larger if conditions are right.

Rebecca grows hers in almost full sun on limestone rocky soil, but it can also take light shade.

Water regularly, but not overly: I would consider Xylosma to be a medium water-use plant in Central Texas.

Evergreen in mild winters, deciduous when temps drop below freezing, and root hardy into the teens, Xylosma should be reliable through most winters with very little care.

It does tend toward a shrubby habit, so if you would prefer a tree shape, consider starting with an older plant that’s well on its way to being properly trained when you purchase it.

Our Viewer Picture goes to Doris Reagan, who recently revamped her front yard, replacing grass with colorful, wildlife-attracting perennials and evergreen structure. Click here to see some of her beautiful renovations that also trap water to trickle down multilayer terraces.