Small Wonders: Terrariums and Fairy Gardens

It’s wondrous to me that my ‘Linda’ lily throws fiery flame orange sparks every May, whatever Texas weird weather throws her way.
Linda lily Central Texas Gardener
But what an odd year! Since passion vine didn’t freeze back (and is insanely out of control), butterflies cheered at such early abundance.
purple passion vine Central Texas Gardener
Another plant that remained evergreen for me is Gomphrena ‘Grapes’. The first time I saw its vivid miniature globes on a November nursery trip years back, I went for it. Yes, it really gears up in fall.
Gomphrena 'Grapes' tiny flowers Central Texas Gardener
Sold under several cultivar names, including ‘Itsy Bitsy’, ‘Teensy Weensy’, and ‘Little Grapes’, Daphne makes it Plant of the Week for its prolific flowers on shrub-like growth.
Gomphrena 'Grapes' full sun flowers Central Texas Gardener
Hardy to USDA Zone 8, usually it freezes to the ground for us and returns in spring. In the Travis County Extension Office demonstration beds, it’s been reliably evergreen for four years.
Gomphrena 'Grapes' Travis County Extension Central Texas Gardener
Daphne advises to plant in full sun and water moderately for best performance. Find out more about Gomphrena ‘Grapes’.

Some plants bloomed way late, if at all, like larkspur and columbine. Daphne tells us, “Certain plants use hours of daylight as a seasonal yardstick. Only once the days are longer and nights shorter than a certain number of hours will they flower or have a growth spurt.”

In the case of her plum tree, ‘Bruce,’ planted in honor of her mother, we simply don’t get enough chilling hours. Find out more as our Question of the Week.
plum tree not enough chilling hours Central Texas Gardener
Fairy gardens do their cute little thing regardless of weather. This week, John charms us to pieces with carefully crafted truly downsized designs.
Fairy garden design John Dromgoole Central Texas Gardener
Faster than a time warp to the past, I spiraled back into childhood, tempted to get in John’s way to arrange every little scenario.
Fairy garden duck pond Central Texas Gardener
cute fairy garden design John Dromgoole Central Texas Gardener
There’s a tiny garden of imagination for every style.
fairy garden troll Central Texas Gardener
Containers are perfect venues for your inner child wonder.
fairy garden container Central Texas Gardener
You know what I spotted first! Count on it: I’m adopting some of these bunnies.
fairy garden bunny Central Texas Gardener
We can’t control the weather outside, but we sure can do it indoors with terrariums. Tom meets with Keri Anderson from Slavonk and Hortus Terraria to style up big with tiny enchantments for easy care indoor gardens.
Tom Spencer and Keri Anderson Central Texas Gardener
Wardian cases originated in the early 1800s as a safe way to transport plant discoveries from around the world. Today, we’ve revived their classic lines for stunning terrariums.
Wardian case terrarium Central Texas Gardener
Keri had us hooked with gardens-in-a-globe that pep up office time, even in lower light. Plus, you never mess up the break room sink (or your computer) with watering.
terrarium globe Central Texas Gardener
Tell your story in cozy fairy gardens, this one fitted with Yoda per the latest Star Wars movie.
fairy garden terrarium Central Texas Gardener
From first-hand experience, Keri steers us clear of terrarium mistakes, like too much sun or too much water with succulents.
succulent terrarium Central Texas Gardener
Slavonk and Hortus Terraria can build your indoor dream garden or you can go nuts at the Terrarium Bar to craft your own.
cute terrarium supplies Central Texas Gardener
Native spiderwort sports small flowers in spring, though its botanical name (Tradescantia gigantea) refers to its height. Viewer Pic this week goes to Victoria Dawson in Lakeway for her outstanding plants.
Spiderwort Tradescantia gigantea Central Texas Gardener
Last year she enrolled in the Go Native U Native Plant Gardening courses at the Wildflower Center. Since then, she’s removed much of the lawn for a native plant showcase that’s upped her pollinator count.
On tour, Laura and Travis McGarraugh dumped the lawn for new family fun with ponds and an outdoor living room.
backyard patio and pond no lawn Central Texas Gardener
For Laura, an emergency room nurse, the ponds are personal therapy after 12 hour shifts.
no lawn backyard patio and ponds Central Texas Gardener
But the whole family loves naming the fish and watching wildlife in their serene at-home getaway.
no lawn backyard pond and patio Central Texas Gardener
no lawn backyard pond and patio Central Texas Gardener
Daughter Naomi joins her mom for grand ideas in containers.
lovely flagstone patio, containers, pond Central Texas Gardener
Especially she loves designing pots of succulents, already an artist with tiny wonder.
child succulent designer Central Texas Gardener
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