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Season(s) Greetings All Year with Habitat Gardens!

Monarch butterfly on lavender flower
December’s balmy days invited bees and all kinds of butterflies, including monarchs, to grab a meal on native plants unfazed by brief wintry nips. Perennial mealy blue sage (Salvia farinacea) claimed “most popular,” and it will again in spring, too.
ladybug on leaf with of lavender flower
I even spotted a ladybug sunbathing, possibly after feeding on pollen and nectar. Its alligator-looking larvae will eagerly devour aphid pests in spring.
tall white-flowered grass flower with pink flower heads on other grass
Native bunch grasses Lindheimer muhly and Gulf muhly harbor dazzle us for months while sheltering insects over winter. Enjoy every minute of their textural dimension, too, and tidy up in early spring.

Happy holidays from all of us at Central Texas Gardener! See you in the New Year with wonderful stories from our neighbors. Linda