Boing! Spring Already Sprung!

Giant Leopard moths are already hanging out with us on the patio. Pretty soon we’ll see their offspring: those black fuzzy wuzzy wooly bear caterpillars.
Giant Leopard moth Central Texas Gardener
90° temps and crucifying sun last week certainly hurried things up.
Narcissus Marieke and oxalis Central Texas Gardener
Already, Narcissus ‘Marieke’ bids us farewell until next spring.
Narcissus Marieke open flower Central Texas Gardener
I’m sold on these guys with their silvery foliage, since they’ve returned reliably for three years.
Narcissus Marieke side view Central Texas Gardener
Fragrant mountain laurels are fading fast after their around town bee powwow.
sweat bee mountain laurel Central Texas Gardener
Narcissus ‘Erlicheer’ hangs in there, always earliest to bloom and the last to leave. It’s crowding Yucca pallida so perhaps, I’ll get around to dividing and moving once the foliage browns.
Narcissus Erlicheer among Yucca pallida Central Texas Gardener
Usually, Leucojum aestivum, often called “snowdrops,” logs in first, but lagged behind this year.
Leucojum aestivum Central Texas Gardener 2
Mine are flopping down with Texas sedge (Carex texensis).
Leucojum aestivum and Scott's sedge Central Texas Gardener
Some are drooping over the sidewalk to grab attention as I hit the front door.
Leucojum aestivum droop Central Texas Gardener
Dutch iris arrived in time to join the Leucojum party, so I lucked into an unusual—though welcome—pairing.
Dutch iris and Leucojum aestivum Central Texas Gardener
Lady Banks rose put early energy into its topmost branches. Below, I see buds, already limp in unseasonal heat. Also, I did a lot of necessary late pruning, knowing that I’d sacrifice flowers this year.
Lady Banks rose screen Central Texas Gardener
Native golden groundsel (Packera obovata) is on schedule to present its composite calling card to countless pollinators.
Packera obovata golden groundsel Central Texas Gardener
Native spiderwort (S. gigantea) broadens the pollinator spectrum in hues of lavender and pink.
Spiderwort gigantea Central Texas Gardener
Perfumed Buff Beauty rose dangles over my den window.
Rose Buff Beauty Central Texas Gardener
All my plants get along fine with my thrifty water ways. This week, @TXPlantGuy Daniel Cunningham at Water University from the Texas A&M AgriLife Research Center – Dallas takes the waste out of water with DIY tips.
Tom Spencer Daniel Cunningham Central Texas Gardener
On tour in Georgetown, Williamson County Master Gardeners demonstrate EarthKind techniques from food to flowers.
vegetable garden Williamson County Master Gardeners Central Texas Gardener
Thanks for stopping by! See you next week, Linda