Phlox drummondii

Phlox Drummondii

Phlox drummondii is a native wildflower for us. But there are many phloxes out there, some hybridized with the native one.

Phlox is an annual. Plant the native phlox in the fall from seed, though you may also find hybrid transplants in the nurseries in spring. The native phlox will seed out in favorable conditions if you let the seed capsules dry before cutting them back.

Phlox may be found in a variety of colors, from pink to red and and white. There are many varieties, including the blue Louisiana phlox, which is different than the native Phlox drummondii. The Louisiana phlox (Phlox divaricata) likes moist, shady conditions, while P. drummondii favors dry, sunnier ones. The flowers are fragrant and very attractive to bees and butterflies. Provide this plant regular water but don’t over-do it. It’s tolerant of slightly alkaline soils which makes it great for us, but does want good drainage.

Phlox flowers from early spring to June, depending on location and variety.