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From the Producer: 3/29

I never thought the garden would recover from its recent trauma, especially after three weather-hard years. Then, I walked out last Saturday morning into a Technicolor movie! It’s a testament to my loyal hardy gang, but I’m sure that compost day gets some of the credit. Spots that were almost bare four months ago are totally engulfed in foliage and flowers. Even new plants have tripled in size in just a few weeks and the new columbines are already blooming. Only a few poppies germinated from last fall’s scattering, but they’re huge! The asters are a carpet. The daylilies I thought I’d lost have been re-born.

Since our last meeting, I added some burgundy-leafed “Sangria” crinums — one to the rental fence and the other to the back fence. Oh so lovely! But, with my renewed interest in the rental fence, I realize I need to add one more variegated ginger. For the cat cove, I got two catnip plants, another blue-eyed grass, and a true sweetheart, Spring Starflower (Ipheion uniforum). Want more!