Augie doggie doo in compost? Dillo Dirt? This week CTG, really.

Well, golly. Did I ever mess up. I guess that’s appropriate, considering this super question!

For real, this week on CTG, Daphne answers Jean Wucher’s question about using doggie doo in the compost pile. I got ahead of myself and posted Joan’s rose question instead. Actually, it’s  good timing, since I know you’re thinking about your roses. But that one airs February 12!

Jean’s question is perfect timing too, especially if you have a pet!  And thank heavens, Chester the cocker spaniel just went out to potty; this dog hates cold and the slightest moisture on the grass. But I’ll nab his “good outside potty” into a bag for the trash.

So: why can we use cow & chicken manure in the compost pile, but not what we scoop up off the yard?

Well, our pets are carnivores and bacteria will not break down in our home compost piles.  Get Daphne’s complete answer and her response to using Dillo Dirt regarding heavy metal concerns.

I can confirm that my vet also discourages using cat and dog waste in the compost pile for a long list of reasons. I can use what bunnies Harvey & Gaby “produce”,  very prolifically, I might say. (By the way, these house bunnies are litter box trained.)  I can dump their deposits directly onto my plants for a subtle nitrogen boost.  That’s how rabbits in the wild quickly nourish the plants they’re chomping, in order to get more.

Chicken, horse, and cow manure should be composted, since they’re so “hot.”

Thanks, Jean, for setting us straight, even though I was on the fast track.