Tranquil Designs from Austin to Buffalo

The best thing about visiting gardens on tour is to admire someone else’s hard work without sweating it out ourselves!
formal Buffalo backyard small fish pond and garden Central Texas Gardener
Taping and editing gardens for CTG is sincerely hard work, so I loved simply relaxing into inspiration mode on a recent visit to Buffalo for the GWA: The Association for Garden Communicators. I didn’t even tote a clipboard or make any notes–what a departure for me!
formal fish pond Buffalo Central Texas Gardener
I’d love to call this tranquil, formally personable garden my own.
formal fish pond Buffalo color and benches Central Texas Gardener
Not so long ago, the most common garden “water feature” was an oscillating sprinkler on summer nights. Now, gardeners craft efficient, clever fountains to soothe us and hydrate wildlife. In Buffalo, Jim Charlier’s colorful fish spouts a gentle waterfall tune.
fish sculpture waterfall Jim Charlier Buffalo garden Central Texas Gardener
In Austin, CTG-featured Lori Daul turned this John Lamos concrete shell sculpture into a little wildlife drinking fountain.
water, fountain, Lori Daul
Elayne Lansford designed a Zen moment for her and wildlife, another CTG garden on tour.
Zen small water feature and bench Central Texas Gardener
On the grounds of the Buffalo History Museum, the Japanese Peace Garden traverses Delaware Park’s Mirror Lake, designed by Frederick Law Omsted.
Buffalo, water
Like Austin’s in-town Lady Bird Lake, it’s a community respite that bridges the daily hustle and bustle.
Mirror Lake Japanese bridge Buffalo Central Texas Gardener
The stone path on a sweetly serene trail mimics flowing water. Garden broadcaster and writer Charlie Nardozzi takes a break from our whirlwind travels.
Japanese garden trail Buffalo History Museum Central Texas Gardener
In Austin, Syd Teague created a similar effect as a bridge over a water-controlling dry creek. Watch her CTG tour.
Syd Teague
Here’s another Buffalo gardener who created serene depth with plants that grow well there and with rocks that grow anywhere.
Oriental shade garden Buffalo Garden Walk Central Texas Gardener
Skull garden art transcends location!
hosta serene shade garden Buffalo Central Texas Gardener
In Lorena, Texas, Elizabeth DeMaria corralled her cove against pastureland: coming up this fall on CTG.
Disappearing fountain spring garden cove  Lorena Central Texas Gardener
What’s a garden without a patio even if we can’t sit still for long? Jim Charlier mirrors our desire to just relax now and then.
patio mirror stone patio Jim Charlier Buffalo Central Texas Gardener
Here’s one that I suspect used to be lawn. Its charmed-up style enriches the narrow lot’s scope and our sensory perceptions.
stone patio design curved gardens Buffalo Central Texas Gardener
In San Antonio, this version of a lawn-to-living patio was one that CTG visited.
Mozersky, San Antonio
An Austin courtyard makeover brings wildlife right up close to drink and sup. Coming up October 21 on our preview of the Garden Conservancy’s Austin Open Days tour.
Arnette, wildlife plants
October 28, we visit a gardener who restored land to foster wildlife renewal while carving out vantage points to watch the all.
Sandy Stone
And hey, let’s remember: tranquility comes even in small packages!
cute grassy fairy garden Buffalo gardens Central Texas Gardener
Thanks for stopping by! See you next week, Linda