Giving Thanks for Gardens + Recipes!

Bee on blue salvia flower Gardeners often tell me, “I’m so thankful that my yard is now full of butterflies, birds, and bees!” Even a handful of plants in a small space reminds us that we can make a difference to benefit our environment.
small red fruits
Right now, our native chile pequins ornament our gardens until thankful birds snack on those spicy fruits and gift us the seeds to populate a little food forest in our shady spots. Harvest a few to make Rob Moshein’s yummy salsa that packs a zing.
balsamic vinegar,  sweetener of your choice, kosher salt, simmer, stir now and  then
And whether you’re harvesting from the garden or the store, here’s a crowd-pleasing salad with a balsamic reduction dressing.

All of us at Austin PBS and Central Texas Gardener thank YOU for being part of our team! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!